"I love you baby"
The swedish Electroclash group I LOVE YOU BABY! has created a big fanbase in Ukraine and Belarus during the last years and play two shows in Moscow in March. One in Dub Club and one in CurCum.

In May we hope to return for a longer tour to celebrate the release of their next record NO NEED FOR ENEMIES!. We hope that you are interested to invite us to your club for a show.

They have over 170.000 downloads on myspace and are a really great live act that appeals both to alternative DIY rockers as well as dancekids.

IN SHORT: Electrorock inspired by Kraftwerk, The Ramones, Stereo Total and Le Tigre. They have recorded two albums played with Mono and Vive Le Fete.
Electronic trash combined with bloodred lips and polyrytmical sounds from the other side.

I love you baby
Hatman — bass
Jeanette — vocal
Jacques C — support
Nina — guitar
. mp3, 192 kbps 44 kHz.
I love you baby - Daddy´s on a Rocket 3.03
I love you baby - We avoid happiness 2.66
I love you baby - Whom i was made of 3.54
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+3 8 (0332) 723353, +3 8 (050) 2154156