"The Joke"
Joke is an explosive band of 8 musicians all coming from Paris suburbs. Their
music is influenced by different styles: punk, ragga, soukouss, rockn roll, fusion,
hip hop, etc It goes in every direction: mad brass and Dj, critical texts, heavy
rhythmic section
According to our correspondents, JOKE is a music band that is over-energetic,
over-enthousiastic, whose texts are drastically critical and whose music is
definitely festive. It is really a group of fusion that communicates a lot of
energy to which the audience reacts forcefully.
In short, the program is simple: the members of the band are demanding and
they are having a lot of fun at the same time.
More ? What could I say. In order not to give you a wrong idea, let me share a
few articles published about them.

: www.joke-joke.net
The Joke
Nico — Drums
Vincent — Bass
Simon — Guitar
Julien — Vocals
Martial — Turntables
Laurence — Trombon
Tim — Trumpet
Bino — Baritone
Fabien — Sound - Cigarette anglaise
. mp3, 192 kbps 44 kHz.
The Joke - Le monde bouge 4.19
The Joke - PV 12 5.25
The Joke - Taf taf 3.59
The Joke - Laisse Couler 4.25
The Joke - Tit'Taille
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